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Saturday, August 21, 2004

The God of War, Death & Madness: John Kerry.

I thought this was pretty funny.

I am a little disturbed by all this warrior/not warrior posturing. Who is it for? The frat boys at Fox? Grrrrrrrrr.

Friday, August 20, 2004

This is for Hannah, terrorist teenager.

The Onion | Local Sheriff Suspects Al-Qaeda Or Teens

Guardian Unlimited | Columnists | George Monbiot: The bad or the terrible?

Those who insist Nader supporters should vote Kerry are holding back US democratisation

I like to read George Monbiot, because you would never see his opinions in a mainstream US newspaper; but I also think he has a bit of a blind spot when it comes to the US, and I think he is completely wrong here.

A vote for Nader at this point is not a vote for democracy. It is at best a waste of time and at worst giving the election to a bunch of psychotic criminals.

I'm disappointed that Kerry won't say he'll pull all troops out of Iraq and never invade another country, but I think it's a pretty safe bet that he will not invade Iran, while the Bush people are seriously thinking about it.

Monbiot says that "Where Bush is active, Kerry is passive."

He [Kerry] wants to cut taxes, but he is less willing to wage war on health and education. He wants to hold down the price of oil, but doesn't want to help the corporations open up the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

I think Kerry is actually a little bit better than that. He has a decent plan for health care and a good record on the environment, and, as I said, he has no plan to invade Iran.

So I'm not hearin' that leftier than thou crap; I'm a girl who voted Commmunist Party in more than one presidential election because I thought there was no difference between Republicans and Democrats, but this time I honestly think the difference is between life and death.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Good News/Wishful thinking:

Kerry in a landslide

NYT Just Keep It Peaceful, Protesters; New York Is Offering Discounts

Let 'em eat cake!

You can't protest in Central Park, but we'll give you 10% off at Applebee's!

(I had no idea there was an Applebe's in NYC. Where is it?)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

As of today, the electoral vote predictor has Kerry with 327 electoral votes, Bush with 211.

Arizona is now a swing state, and the 2 most persuasive people I know - my mom and my brother Larry - both live in Tucson.

Now, get to work you two!

Arizona Daily Sun

For the city of Flagstaff, it was practically the second coming.

Presidential nominee John Kerry arrived to screaming crowds in downtown Flagstaff Sunday night, where an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 local residents welcomed the candidate looking to unseat President Bush in November.

Kansas City Star 08/07/2004 Kerry-Edwards draw 20,000 at KC rally

Kerry rally turnout may be state record

June Hartley, a Republican national committeewoman who has attended dozens of presidential campaign events, said she thinks it was the inclusion onstage of movie idol Leonardo DiCaprio and rock star Jon Bon Jovi that resulted in the large turnout.

"It was more than a political rally," Hartley said. "People went to hear Jon Bon Jovi. You could just drop in."

President Bush, who held two campaign events in the Portland area Friday, spoke before much more limited, invited audiences.

Yeah, people went to hear Bon Jovi. OK.

Monday, August 16, 2004 Many New Yorkers Not Favoring Arrival of Republican National Convention

A recent survey by a Manhattan public relations firm found 83 percent of those polled do not want the Republican convention in town.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

My landlords told me a few weeks ago that they are selling the building and it seems as though, after my lease is up in December, my presence is no longer welcome unless I agree to a stiff rent increase on a month-by-month basis. Right. So I guess that's the last straw for Billyburg and me as I am looking to light out for points east - like the Gowanus Canal or Fort Greene.

I'm not sad, just grumpy. It's a lot of time, energy and money I don't feel like spending, even if I have been saying over and over how much I'd rather live in Prospect Heights, and how heartbreakingly beautiful Fort Greene is.