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Cool Stuff! Can I put it in the microwave?
Nope! Please don't. Nobody really knows what happens to melamine. The chemical components could become friable; the compounds may partially dissolve -- so NO, please don't microwave that dish!

P.S. This goes for ALL melamine. We test all our plates here in the US and they are LEAD-FREE. Ask for proof, if you want to.

What about the oven? The stove? The'cue?
Melamine has a melting point of about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. So don't place it in direct heat. Or on direct heating sources.

Okay, so now I've got a dirty plate, how do I clean it? Can I put it in the dishwasher?
Yup, sure can. As long as your dishwasher doesn't fire up to sanitary temperatures (which can approach 200 plus degrees Fahrenheit), it should be okay to dishwash your dishes. But let's be clear -- the decal that is applied to your melamine plate will eventually fade away, and this process will occur earlier in dishwashing than in handwashing. Still and all, that antique effect is way cool, until the pattern becomes like a palimpsest. That could be a little annoying . Then it's time to buy more plates, right?

What is melamine and is it dirty or green?
Melamine is a petroleum byproduct, and that's a dirty bunch of stuff. BUT, making things out of melamine insures that even the slough off petroleum waste is used, and that's kind of a good thing. As a maker of porcelain and plasticware, both products cause pollution in their creation . Porcelain requires a constant draw of electricity to keep the coal-fired kilns going for a week at a time; melamine uses less power in the long run but at its core uses a plastic that hasn't proven easy to recycle. At the 1963 World's Fair, Walter D. Teague showed a melamine recycling machine -- boy, would we love to have one of those at our Distribution Center!

Doncha make anything else besides plates?
We're slowly introducing serving pieces, and are doing placemats/napkins, baby bags and baby-friendly wares as well as acrylic drinking ware for 08. We are working on world's most flexible cool picnic bag idea...stay tuned!

Who are you? is a small, family run business, founded by Jill Fenichell, a super geek who lives in Brooklyn. Jill was an antique dealer for many years, and she designs porcelain (the website for that is (, and she started in 2005. for all inquiries
Thanks, we hope you enjoy your plates!